Hotel Tiempo can take you wherever you want to go so you can enjoy evenings out in Naples without a care in the world.

If you want to experience Naples after dark, try out some city-centre restaurants and attend the exciting events on offer, the Hotel Tiempo shuttle service is the ideal way to get around after sunset in complete safety.

The Shuttle service is free-of-charge and will take our guests to Via Depretis in the evening (a stone’s throw from Piazza Municipio) where they can either get to the historical city centre in a few minutes on foot or get the number 1 metro line to reach the Vomero hill.

You could treat yourself to a delicious dinner in one of the characteristic small restaurants in the town centre, eat a pizza in one of the most famous pizzerias in Naples, enjoy a splendid night out at the nearby San Carlo Operahouse or grab an Italian coffee at one of the most celebrated coffeehouses in Piazza Trieste e Trento thanks to the rapid shuttle service that will take you to the city centre and then bring you back to the hotel in a mere 15 minutes.

Shuttle hours

  • Departure from Hotel Tiempo- 8 pm/9 pm/10 pm/11 pm
  • Arrival in Via Depretis – 8.30 pm/9.30 pm/10.30 pm/11.30 pm