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Visiting Sorrento: the citrus city is not only about spectacular scenery, scented bowers and crystalline waters, but also about history.

Sorrento is no mere tourist attraction. It is a gem that enchants the eye and enraptures the senses. It will take you as little as an hour to get to Sorrento from Hotel Tiempo. Spend the entire day in the land of citrus groves where your senses will be lulled by the picturesque panorama, the blossoming boughs warmed by Mediterranean sunlight, the quaint winding old-town streets and the steep cliffs scattered with pretty houses overlooking turquoise waters and relaxing beaches.

Getting to Sorrento

Getting to Sorrento from Hotel Tiempo is really easy:

– By the Circumvesuviana train (Naples-Sorrento line), a short 5-minute walk from the hotel (Gianturco station)

– By car, a 1 hour drive from the hotel on the A3 toll road. Take the exit at Castellammare di Stabia and then SS Sorrentina 145 trunk road

– By hydrofoil or ferry boat with departures from the Beverello Pier which is a 15 drive from the hotel

The Historical Town Centre

When you get to Sorrento, you cannot miss out on the opportunity to go wandering through the historical heart of the city. Your point of departure should be the most important square which is dedicated to the Italian poet Torquato Tasso who was born here in 1544. You will then reach Corso Italia, a long pedestrian road lined with exclusive boutiques, coffee shops and ice-cream parlours. On a cultural note, as you carry on walking, you will come across the Correale Museum of Terranova: here you will find a rich collection of paintings, ceramics, watches, archaeological finds and other ancient pieces of art from the town of Sorrento between the Sixteenth and Nineteenth century. Another two cultural gems that you cannot miss out on are the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in which you will find a little fourteenth-century cloister, and the Basilica of St. Anthony Abbot where you can feast your eyes on a nativity scene from the eighteenth century.

The Panoramic Viewpoint

The town park of Sorrento overlooks the sea and you will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view from this vantage point. Suddenly the whole gulf of Naples unfolds before your eyes. It is a spectacular sight that once seen, will never be forgotten.

The beaches

Sorrento together with its surrounds is famous for its beaches bathed by crystalline waters and its lush Mediterranean vegetation. Here you will be spoilt for choice between pebbly, gravelly and sandy shores and stretches with flat rocks all of which are served by well-organised seaside resorts and bathing establishments.

Food and cuisine

Like Naples, Sorrento is a great place for dining and food shopping so expect to fill your suitcase with typical fare from the Campania region. In addition to mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil, basil and pasta, Sorrento is particularly famous for some mouth-watering dishes and food products, such as: limoncello sorbet (limoncello is a sweet liqueur made from the zest of lemons), various lemon sweets and delicacies, hot chilli peppers, dried tomatoes and the famous “follovielli”(vine-leaf parcels stuffed with sultanas), not to mention gnocchi alla sorrentina (gnocchi drenched in a tangy tomato sauce with creamy melted cheese) Bebè di Sorrento (a sweet Caciocavallo stretched-curd cheese) and nocino, a dark-brown aromatic liqueur made from walnuts.

Local craftsmanship

Sorrento is also famous for its high-end workmanship and skilled artisans. As you make your way through the narrow streets in the town centre lined with ateliers and small stores, keep your eyes peeled for lace, furniture and handmade woodcraft.