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Visiting Procida: the wildest Neapolitan island

Capri, Ischia and Procida are three islands belonging to the Neapolitan archipelago that you will be able to get to easily during your stay at Hotel Tiempo. Each island has its own particular personality and will enchant you not only with lovely landscapes, but also cultural historical places of interest. There is no end of interesting spots to visit.

A volcanic island, Procida is the smallest and wildest island in the Gulf of Naples.

Getting to Procida

It is really easy to reach the island of Procida from Hotel Tiempo. It will take you 15 minutes by car or taxi to get to the Beverello Pier in the Port of Naples and from there you can catch one of the ferries or hydrofoils that leave for the islands each day.

Historical hotspots

The first thing that strikes you when you get to Procida are the rows of brightly-coloured fishermen’s houses, a short walk away from the bustling harbour area crammed with small stores and restaurants. Take the opportunity to pay a visit to the Abbey of Saint Michael the Archangel built by Benedictine monks in the eleventh century which houses some precious works of art; another unmissable historical gem is the majestic d’Avalos Palace which goes back to the sixteenth century.

The beaches

Procida has no end of beaches and its shores are wilder and more natural than those of Ischia. The most popular and famous beach is called Chiaiolella. With a view of Ischia, the sandy crescent-shaped shoreline betrays the fact that the beach was once an old volcano crater. From here, you will be able to make your way to the islet of Vivara which is connected to the mainland by a narrow bridge. It is now an archaeological natural park and can be visited with an official guide (an appointment is required). Then there is the large beach of Silurenza equipped with all necessary amenities and the renowned “canon rock” that brave bathers can dive off. And don’t miss out on the Lingua beach which is famous for its clear waters. From here, you can also reach the historic Asino beach (beach of the Donkey) described by the Italian novelist Elsa Morante in her book “Arturo’s island”.

The viewpoints

The via panoramica (scenic route) affords spectacular view of Naples which you can enjoy in the midst of lush vegetation.

Food and cuisine

The restaurants on the island serve fresh local fish and seafood as well as the characteristic Procidean lemon salad. Yet another speciality to savour on the island or bring home in your suitcase is a bottle of limoncello, a tangy lemon liqueur to be drunk ice cold.