Assistance for the disabled

Accessible tourism

Hotel Tiempo provides disabled guests with all the accessible amenities they might need. No physically-challenged person should have to forego the pleasure of a trip to Naples. Thanks to a convention drawn up with a social cooperative specialised in accessible tourism, social transport and assistance for the elderly and disabled, Hotel Tiempo can deal with all the needs of guests with any kind of impairment, offering them all the support and assistance both inside their hotel room and out of it, including accessible tours and suitable transport services:

Sightseeing tours pdesigned for groups or individuals with specials needs with the help of qualified carers and healthcare workers specially trained to carry out tourist-oriented activities in various languages with Italian sign-language interpreters.

Transportation in suitable wheel-chair-accessible vehicles and coaches.

Accompaniment with specialised daytime and night-time assistance for special-needs guests during their hotel stay.

How do you book services for disabled guests?

If you require any of our services for disabled guests, just tell a member of our team during the booking stage. Our Hotel Tiempo staff will be happy to provide you with our pricing and make a reservation for all the support and services you need.