An exclusive service to stay in shape also during your stay in Naples

The Hotel Tiempo offers you unlimited, free entry to the exclusive gym belonging to the adjacent 4-star hotel. This is only way to stay in shape also during your long stays in Naples or to pleasurably spend your free time between one commitment and another.

In the gym you will find a clean, welcoming and refined environment, typical of a 4-star hotel, many different items of gym equipment, exercise bicycles and treadmills so you can do a complete training session just as you normally do in the gym you usually go to.

For long stays

If you plan to stay in Naples for a long time, by staying at the Hotel Tiempo there is no need to enrol at a gym, you can go to our gym free of charge, as the entry fee is included in the price of the room.

For the entire family

If you are coming to Naples on business, but you are bringing the entire family with you, apart from the garden and the solarium, the gym is one of the free services provided by the hotel in order to pamper your partner and children while you are out on your business.

For your free time

If you are in Naples on business but you will also have some free time, you will be able to alleviate the stress in the gym every time you want to. The fact that is close to your room will make it possible to use the gym even when you only have a few hours between one meeting and another.