Assistance fot the disabled

Everyone has the right to have a holiday in Naples: at the Hotel Tiempo we offer you guided tours which are also accessible to disabled people alongside all the assistance you could possibly need.

Are you or a member of your family disabled? Thanks to the Hotel Tiempo there is no need to forgo your holiday in Naples. In fact, the Hotel Tiempo is one of the first hotels in the city to offer dedicated services for the disabled.

Thanks to a special agreement made with a social co-operative society specialised within sectors relating to accessible tourism, social transport and assistance for the elderly and the disabled, the Hotel Tiempo has also taken care of the requirements of travellers with special needs, by offering them accessible guided tours and all the assistance they could possibly need, both inside and outside the holiday room.

By staying at the Hotel Tiempo for your holiday in Naples, the hotel will be able to provide you the following services, to make Naples accessible to everyone:

  • Accessible guided tours for groups or individuals with special needs, thanks to healthcare social assistance workers with specific training for multilingual tourist promotion activities as well as sign language interpreters.
  • Transport in vehicles which are appropriate for tourists with special needs, thanks to cars and buses that are accessible to people with wheelchairs.
  • Accompaniment with specialised day and night-time assistance services for tourists with special needs during their stay in the hotel.

How to book assistance services for the disabled

If you need one or more assistance services for the disabled, please inform our staff of your needs when booking your stay: the Hotel Tiempo staff will be happy to inform you of the relative costs and to book you the assistance and special services you require.